Friday, February 4, 2011

Contest #4

The last contest must have been too easy because no one tried it. Let's make it harder!

Four into a number is the product of the square root of the number and two-and-a-half.

Have your English teachers ever taught you what "into" means in numbers English? Probably not! I guess you will have to figure this vocabulary out by yourself.

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Solution to Contest #3

Two-thirds of a number is two from that number.

Here's the translation:
"Two-thirds" becomes "2/3"
"of" becomes "times"
"a number" becomes "x"
"is" becomes "="
"two" becomes "2"
"from" becomes "-"
"that number" becomes "x"

If we do a direct translation, we get:

2/3 times x = 2 - x

However, when we use the word "from" to indicate a subtraction, we have to reverse the order. (Have any of your English teachers ever taught you this?). So the equation is properly translated to:

2/3 times x = x - 2

The correct answer is 6.